The City

Situated at the confluence of two major rivers, Lyon has been an idyllic destination for travelers in the know. A modern city that has kept its old-world charm alive with its walk- and bike-friendly streets, gracious locals, and a way of life that satisfies both the spirit and the palette.

lunch in lyon

The Food

"I know one thing that is done very well in Lyon. One eats admirably well there, and in my opinion, better than in Paris. Vegetables especially are divinely prepared. In London, I learned that there are twenty-two species of potatoes, in Lyon, I saw twenty-two different ways to prepare them, and at least twelve of these are unknown in Paris"~Stendhal (1837)


The Wine

They say there are three rivers that run through Lyon: la Saône, le Rhône and le Beaujolais. Made from the humble grape Gamay Noir by the even more humble wine makers of Beaujolais, this wine is accessible to everybody, from the most novice of wine lovers to the in-the-know sommeliers.

Lyon + Beaujolais Tour

8 days / 7 nights |  $5,500 + air

The Tour: Lyon has been a center of trade, gastronomy, and culture for close to 2000 years, and the people here have been refining the quintessential French lifestyle ever since.  Experience the city as an insider, part of a small, intimate group of travelers residing in a private residence, city-adjacent, in the historic district of Villeurbanne.  Spend eight days and seven nights discovering all that Lyon has to offer, from meals at the city’s renowned bouchons, tasting wine in Beaujolais with the winemakers themselves, to leisurely afternoons of petanqué and apéro with locals.

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