dirt·y: dərdē


1. covered or marked with a substance.

rad·ish: radiSH


1. a swollen pungent-tasting edible root, especially a variety that is small, spherical, and red, and usually eaten raw.

Dirt·y Rad·ish:


1. raw, authentic journey or experience through the culinary and wine world lead by someone with a pulse on history, tradition, connection to the land and the people involved.

2. a person passionate about sharing authentic, international experiences with others.

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Discover urban winemaking and a taste of France in Portland


Lyon + Beaujolais Tour w/ Savannah Mills

April 20th-27th, 2020


Beaujolais Nouveau Autumn Tour

Nov 17th-23rd, 2020


Fête des Lumières

Dec 2nd-8th, 2020

The Color of Wine presents: Chevonne Ball of Dirty Radish

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"The first time I went to France was in 2009 and it was love at first bite! I love the French life of food, wine, culture and relaxation. Lyon is an incredible city with so much to offer including its proximity to my favorite wine region, Beaujolais. I started my tour company in 2017 so that I could not only spend time in the country that I love but share it with others."

– Chevonne Ball

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