Uncover the real France with Curated experiences

Uncover the real France with Curated experiences

Chevonne at home
"The first time I went to France was in 2009 and it was love at first bite! I love the French life of food, wine, culture and relaxation. Lyon is an incredible city with so much to offer including its proximity to my favorite wine region, Beaujolais. I started my tour company in 2017 so that I could not only spend time in the country that I love but share it with others."

– Chevonne Ball

Your Host

Bonjour! I have worked in the hospitality industry for over 20 years. It was after working at Le Pigeon restaurant in Portland Oregon for 3 years that I first became enthralled with French cuisine, French wine, and French culture. Studying gastronomy and viticulture in Lyon in 2009 transformed my entire life and has inspired me in ways that perpetuate today. I have a deep ardency for assembling people around a table. Growing up in a multi-cultural house, the table was always a place where love was shared. No matter the day, no matter which culture's food was present, everyone had a seat and relished this time together. All are welcome at my table. My love and passion for the history of cuisine and wine could be akin to a researcher needing to know how it all commenced. I have a love for giving people an experience and believe that it is all in the details. I hope to assemble people in a way where they can authentically relax, explore, learn, grow and rejuvenate while being in one of the most charming cities in the world.


I absolutely adore the markets; this is where you experience the soul of France. On one of my morning shops, I was drawn to a farmer's table at a Parisian market overflowing with radishes. While they looked unsullied, they were merely rinsed for their transport from the ground to market. For me, radishes are such an impeccable little vegetable. They can be enjoyed at any time of day. They are fresh, peppery, crisp and multifarious. You can eat them plain, with salt or a little butter, roasted, in a salad, pickled, in a drink, the possibilities (like in life) are illimitable when you can adapt. The name Dirty Radish was inspired from a dinner party with close friends. We all have those nights; good food, good wine, storytelling and lots of laughs. That night was slightly different. It turned into a “whiteboard session” turning this lingering thought I’ve always had in my head into a real passion project. I’m not exactly sure how the name was put out there, but it just STUCK. From there I just knew I had to make this dream of starting my own travel company a reality and to make my experiences something I could share for and with others.

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